Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Welcome Turning Point

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Good morning. Sitting still this morning, I observed my friends, 'SEEKING' and 'STRIVING'. I greeted them as they are both quite familiar to me and invited them to rest awhile. 

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I find true pleasure in a cool spell this spring. The brisk air is a refreshing surprise in late April in Florida. I breathe in deeply, listening to the bright bird song in the canopy of trees outside. I notice the filtering of sunlight casting shadows on tree trunks. Arriving in this moment, what I earnestly seek is a return to true nature; in the I Ching, I receive #24 RETURN, "natural movement that arises spontaneously, making transformation of the old easy". I sense arrival at a Turning Point. I bow my head.

"After a time of decay comes 
the turning point.
The powerful light that has 
been banished returns. 
There is movement, but it is not 
brought about by force."
 Source: http://deoxy.org/iching/24
Source: www.miriadna.com